Meritcafe is a technology platform which guides the teams working on various tasks and optimises their efforts in Engineering Innovation. This brings together the people, skills, knowledge and various resources. Focus areas include energy and renewable, water and wastewater, sustainable technologies, resource conservation, efficient manufacturing techniques, food technology, health and wellbeing.

Innovation within various engineering domains encompasses an end-to-end process. It is much more than research and development.  Engineering Innovation begins with thorough understanding of a problem and ends with successful implementation of solution – so as to benefit the end user. Typical steps involved in engineering innovation are in-depths understanding of a users need, defining the problems, identifying and evaluating various possible solutions, developing a workable solution, prototyping and testing.  Innovation covers the area from minor quality improvements to ‘cutting edge’ products and services development.

Key features of engineering Innovation include:

  • seeing things from a different perspective
  • moving outside the existing paradigms
  • improving existing processes and functions
  • adopting things that have been successfully tried elsewhere
  • eliminating unviable systems/processes or products
  • Creating or generating new activities, products, processes and services
  • disseminating new activities or ideas