Sales Analytics:

A systematic, sustainable customer acquisition strategy (also known as sales, marketing or business development) evolves with new trends and changes in business environment, providing assurance of bringing new customers or clients to your business. Customer acquisition process involves creating brand awareness leading to potential customer evaluating your product or service. Improvement in overall business profitability may be linked to optimization of cost, time and resources (CTRs) associated with customer acquisition process.


We evaluate and upgrade the customer acquisition process using our analytics framework. Sales Analytics transforms data into insight for making better, accurate decisions. Sales Analytics is use of information from various business transactions, application of Information Technology coupled with statistical analysis, quantitative methods and mathematical modeling – to gain improved insight about customer acquisition or sales.


Benefits of Sales Analytics:

  • Improved demand supply forecasting
  • Detailed profiling and classification of customers
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Real time information management
  • Optimisation of cost, time and resources (CTRs)

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