We simplify decision making in a competitive business environment. Innovative solution discovery supported by business analytics helps achieve operational excellence.

Key Drivers: Technology disruption, information overload, competitive business landscape, global trade and realignment of supply chains, talent and skill management

Small Medium Enterprises

Any small enterprise generates significant data which can be analysed to obtain valuable insights capable of vastly improving business metrics. Business insights derived from the analysis of big data have made it possible for many businesses to enter new verticals.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management involves critical decision making on regular basis due to the 4Vs (Volume, Variety, Velocity and Verifiability) associated with the material movement and processing. For all stakeholders - including sellers, processing facility, buyers and logistics - the decision making process is fairly complex with high risk of making a wrong choice.

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Customer Acquisition

A systematic, sustainable customer acquisition strategy (also known as sales, marketing or business development) evolves with new trends and changes in business environment, providing assurance of bringing new customers or clients to your business.

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Processing, Manufacturing

Manufacturing analytics gives organizations the potential to operate with enhanced efficiency, improve business visibility, and support more rapid and effective decision-making - What is likely to happen next and what actions need to be taken in order to get optimal benefits.

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NOVEL Analytica is the brainchild of qualified Engineering/ Science professionals, Mentors and Entrepreneurs with diverse industry experience. We help Small and Medium businesses (Manufacturing, Processing Industry, Service Sector) in taking critical business decisions, supported by our Analytics framework.

Business Analytics helps in sustaining Business competitiveness by

  • Analysis : Improving insight in current business operations
  • Predict : Study past and present business environment to predict near term industry trends
  • Prescribe : What specific actions to be taken to ensure sustaining business and achieve growth